March 18, 2011

Tons of Assignment


here, lead a hectic life, doing assignment, having lots of tests..and final exam is around the corner. there are many things to do at the same time. so, mane nak buat dulu? 

Test PP, test Mandarin,
presentations of construction technology (with model), building services, report building services (case study),  DONE

Credit to Muhamad Hilmi for this model. this is awesome. ^_^

He is doing this model alone. wow! great. (rahsia la model ni untuk ape..nanti ade yang tiru pulak kan)

btw, I punye tempat praktikal is still waiting..x tw la dah diterima ke belom. Serabut kan?every sem pn jd camni. 

Last but not least, someone buat aku sakit hati, kenapa? hello, keje I banyak okay, n keje kau pun banyak, so, jangan nak tambah la kan.. still hurting, so, please be careful, n behave. 

p/s: this is not "kurang kasih sayang.."thank you. 

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