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February 17, 2011

>>>Life Goes

Zulaikha, please cut the chase.
There are many things happen in our life, through days and nights. Praise to Allah, the Merciful, for this life.
As a student lead with a hectic life, doing assignment, test, or whatever given by lecturers are normal things. There is no time to be a couch potato. Urgh, what a life? I’m not the cream of the crop, just live as a normal student in the class, and hardly ever, things become more difficult. Can’t concentrate in the class, think the other things. There are many experiences we have gone through. As we can be at the top, we can also be at the bottom of the wheel. When we heard something bad news that relates to us, we feel uncomfortable, with a human sense, we try to find, what was actually happened? Omg, my best friend was accident! How can I ignore this? I’m getting worst. What was lecturer said right now? Urgh, I’m blurred. 
.:. .:. .:.
Nor are all friends true. Certain are birds of a feather flock together, consider them at a high level, think that they are always right, and keep talking others wrong. Do please let others remind you, and accept what people say. In certain things, people should not beat about the bush, but still, people always keep other’s feeling.  This is the ‘good things’ about people. Just say what you should say. 
Umm, every day is a different days, we have to face the unfortunate things, and unpredictable situations, even people forced to choose between the devil and the deep sea. So, please be strong, and look before you leap.
.:. .:. .:.
Study, work, love and social, are the things which complete our days, but, to dearest friend, and despite myself, don’t forget Him because He never forgets every single about you. and His love is more than anything.
Dear family and friends, you are the main supporter that I have, for what I do. Please remind me if I’m going wrong. 

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