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February 18, 2014

Because Friendship is Way Better than a Relationship


Hello everyone!  

Just wanna show you that friendship is way better than a relationship.

If you've watched Merlin series 1 until 5, you will see the friendship between Colin and Bradley (Merlin and Arthur). They're awesome! It's just lucky that, as time has gone by, they've become closer friends.

"A little piece of my heart goes out to you, you know..., It's Colin" Bradley - Bradley's statement makes me so touched. 


Drama series Merlin memang betol-betol membuatkan diorang ni rapat. (Merlin and Prince Arthur Pendragon) Drama ni jugak buat aku sayang member-member aku. Nampak tak side effect die.?hehehe. Bukan pasal magic ke ape ke, tapi friendship diorang tu. Respect ar. Kalau tengok dekat youtube, banyak video behind the scene diorang. Boleh nampak la friendship diorang tu. And Bradley a.k.a Arthur sendiri mengaku, mana yang lg strong, Arthur romance with Gwen or bromance with Merlin, and he said, bromance with Merlin. 

Bradley James and Colin Morgan

"You give your whole heart to your love and they break it, BUT you give your broken heart to a friend and they make it"



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