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October 1, 2011


friends while having such a big problem..thanks for being a very good friends ^_^ 

They give such a nice and positive words to me. Alhamdulillah, god sends me such a nice friends, and having a very good mentor. en. Mohd Norasyraf. okay, baru je bukak fb and tgk wall mentor, ops!birthday en. mentor dah lepas..28.9.minta maaf,da lame tak online..:(

Humm..Before life turns wrong, it always been about me myself and i,  i never wanted to be anybody’s other half. tp, i still choose to be in trouble. Amek kaw!padan muke. If only I know life will be like this, i never took myself into risks. But, i never regret. I'm glad to know you Mr.! I know, this long distance relation will be very difficult for us. Thank you Mr.! 

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